burrito bob bio FAILED: Robert Burrito Bob Thomas Comes up Short in 4 lb. Burrito Stunt

Bob versus Burrito…Burrito – 1, Bob – 0

  • Date: 1/10/11
  • Location: Tastykake Studios at 610 WIP
  • Eater: Robert “Burrito Bob” Thomas
  • Stunt: 3 burritos totaling 4 lbs. in 6 minutes
  • Outcome: 4 lbs. of burritos didn’t seem THAT difficult to us until we got a chance to see the size of these massive things. It’s hard enough just to get one of these in your mouth to take a bite, let alone polish of 3 of these giants in the time allotted. Originally, Al gave Burrito Bob 5 1/2 minutes to finish the task at hand, and as time began, everyone waited in suspense…and waited…and waited. No matter how Thomas tried to come at these humongous wraps of beans meat and cheese, he didn’t seem to be making a dent. So as the clock ran out, and Bob hadn’t made much progress, Al decided to give him another 30 seconds to see if he could kick his game into another gear…He couldn’t. When all was said and done, Burrito Bob chomped down about 1 and 1/2 of these bad boys. Then from accross the studio, Jonesy had enough of watching this slow painful stunt, and decided he wanted the final burrito. Bob didn’t have much eating skill, but he was at least generous and  Jonesy got a free meal.

[photogallerylink id=2078 align=left]


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