wild turkey qualified QUALIFIED: Dave Wild Turkey Barger
Wild Turkey completed his stunt and provided a great show. We’re happy to welcome him back to Wing Bowl in 2011

Date: 1/20/11
Location: Tastykake Studios at 610 WIP
Contestant: Dave “Wild Turkey” Barger
Stunt: 4 big macs and 1 whole tomato
Outcome: We had one earlier cheeseburger stunt completed by U.S. Male so if Al was going to accept Wild Turkey’s offered cheeseburger stunt, he’d have to spice it up a bit. First off, the burgers would have to be big macs, and when Al still wasn’t satisfied, Turkey said he would throw in a whole tomato to boot.
Turkey started the stunt off strong and kept up the pace until the very end. Then he provided us with a little entertainment by eating some chicken nuggets
he had hidden in his pockets, dancing around like an actual turkey, and then hitting on one of our wingettes who was in the studio. All and all, a good stunt from a guy who will be a great fit for Wing Bowl.

[photogallerylink id=2745]


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