Photos: EatersLet the eating begin at Wing Bowl 26!
Photos: Ric Flair at Wing Bowl 26Check out photos of the special guest star of Wing Bowl 26
Photos: Wing Bowl 26 CrowdWere you at Wing Bowl 26? Did you kiss the horse?
Photos: WingettesThe Wingettes of Wing Bowl 26!
Photos: EntouragesEntourages at Wing Bowl 26.
Photos: Notorious B.O.B Wins Wing Bowl 25He is only the 3rd Pennsylvania resident to win Wing Bowl.
Photos: Molly Eats 5.5 Pounds of MeatMolly eats a small amount of beef. And some potatoes.
Photos: Coolio PerformsBeen spendin' most my life livin' in a Gansta's Paradise!
Photos: Ric Flair
Photos: WingettesWingettes of Wing Bowl 25
Donald Trump At Wing BowlPOTUS inside Wing Bowl 25!
Photos: Entourages

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Live Wing Bowl 26 VideoRic Flair, Molly Schuyler, Wingette Finals, and an incredible National Anthem!
Molly Schuyler Wins Wing Bowl 26!With a record breaking total of 501 wings eaten, Molly Schuyler takes the title once again.
Wing Bowl 26 WingettesThe best part of Wing Bowl!

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