Tyler Bozak's Wife Turns Stanley Cup Into a Giant Margarita Pitcher

July 8, 2019

(KMOX- It was St. Louis Blues forward Tyler Bozak's day with the Stanley Cup on Sunday and he decided to take it to his family's lakehouse near Saskatchewan, Canada.

Each player and coach of the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion Blues will get one day to take the Stanley Cup anywhere in the world they want. On Sunday, it went to the Bozak family's lakehouse.

Tyler Bozak's wife, Molly decided to salt the rim and turn the 127-year-old trophy into the best margarita pitcher you've ever seen:

The Cup will continue to travel with the Blues throughout the summer, before it returns to Montreal in September, so the Blues' names can be engraved on it. The entire process takes more than a week to complete and the Cup must be ready by the start of the regular season on Oct. 2.

Here's a look at some of the other things the Blues have been up to with the Stanley Cup so far: