Philly FOP Wing Bowl

WB 26: Philadelphia FOP receives $50,000 donation

Wing Bowl 26 did some good, too.
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Jon Dorenbos and Jason Kelce at Wing Bowl

WB 22: Jason Kelce competes

Jason Kelce competed in Wing Bowl 22.
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Veronica Harwood

WB 25: Wingettes

Reality TV star Veronica Harwood was the Wingette leader at Wing Bowl 25.
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Generald Wilson at Wing Bowl

WB 25: Generald Wilson sings the National Anthem

Generald Wilson was incredible.
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WB 25: Recap

A recap of Wing Bowl 25 in 2016.
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Angelo Cataldi

Angelo on Wing Bowl 26: Party ends at parade next week

Angelo nailed it.
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WB 24: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Wing Bowl 24 in February of 2015.
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Lane Johnson wing bowl

WB 26: Eagles players send messages before winning Super Bowl

The Eagles won the Super Bowl, in case you missed it.
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Wing Bowl 26 wingettes

WB 26: Wingette of the year finalists

And the winner is...
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Wingette of the Year

WB 25: Wingette of the year finalists

Wingette of the Year: Wing Bowl 25 Wingette montage
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