Notorious B.O.B wins Wing Bowl 25

WB 25: Notorious B.O.B wins

Notorious B.O.B wins!
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Ric Flair

WB 25: Ric Flair attends first wing bowl

Ric Flair picks the Falcons to beat the Patriots at Wing Bowl 25.
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Molly Schuyler wins wingbowl

WB 24 Recap: Molly Schuyler wins

Dennis Rodman, LA Beast, and Molly Schuyler.
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Dennis Rodman wingbowl

WB 24: Dennis Rodman backstage

Dennis Rodman talks with 94WIP's Brian Haddad at Wing Bowl 24.
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WB 24: LA Beast eats a cactus

At Wing Bowl 24, LA Beast ate a cactus.
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Molly Schuyler

WB 26: Molly Schuyler eats 500 wings

Molly Schuyler ate 501 wings in 30 minutes.
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Ric Flair

WB 26: Ric Flair picks the Eagles to win Super Bowl

Ric Flair was at Wing Bowl for the second straight year.
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Nate Fulton

WB 26: Officer Nate Fulton sings the National Anthem

Officer Nate Fulton sings the National Anthem at Wing Bowl 26.
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Wing Bowl 26

Live Video From Wing Bowl 26

Molly Schuyler set the world record by eating 501 wings in 30 minutes and we may have set a world record for most Eagles chants before 9am
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Black Eagle at Wing Bowl

WB 26: Black Eagle and Subway Pole Guy show up

Viral Eagles fans stopped by Wing Bowl 26.
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