Eater Name: Gino Bambino


Eater Name: Gino Bambino
Hometown: Somers Point, NJ
Height: 6″3
Weight: 232lb
Eating Stunt: Supposed to be 2lbs of Sausage but he forgot the food. Instead he did Farzetta`s Tastykake Challenge: 1 Box of Maple Sweet Rolls, 1 Pack ofChocolate Cupcakes, 1 Pumpkin Cheesecake, 1 Junior Choc Coffee Cake, 1 Glazed Honey Bun and 1 Cookie Bar in 5 mins
Competitive Eating History:  Primeo Sausage Eating Contest Winner at a Philadelphia Union Game
What are you looking forward to most about Wing Bowl: Going for gold
Favorite Food: Chicken Cutlets
Wing Bowl 26 Prediction: Be in the top 10