Eater Name: Moe Train


Eater Name: Moe Train
Hometown: Kennet Square, PA
Height: 6″4
Weight: 250lb
Eating Stunt: 1 Sushi Boat (Approx. 50 pieces) and 1 Saki Martini in 5:39 (See his stunt)
Competitive Eating History: 5 Wing Bowls (Top 5 in Wing Bowl 25) 
Favorite Wing Bowl Moment: Getting to the Final Table
What are you looking forward to most about Wing Bowl: Beating last year`s total and Crushing the competition with Team Domination
Favorite Food: Chateaubriand & Bearnaise Sauce
Wing Bowl 26 Prediction: 400 Wings and Win the Weachter Cup for Best Entourage